Scholarships and Financial Aid


Connecticut College was founded more than 100 years ago to make the transformative power of higher education accessible to every deserving student. Today, we live this ambition by meeting 100% of every student’s demonstrated financial need, creating a community as exceptionally talented and motivated as it is diverse.

But welcoming outstanding students to Conn is not enough. To turn equal access into equal opportunity, we must ensure that every student can make the most of all Conn offers, from study abroad to volunteer service, from co-curricular opportunities to internships. Conn students want to thrive in every way. And that takes investments that liberate students to engage fully, regardless of financial means.

Through Defy Boundaries, our founding ambition has been tailored to today’s needs. With support for equal access and full participation, we will open doors for every student to all aspects of Conn’s life-changing education. Fully immersed in the best of Conn, every student will know their full promise for leadership, discovery, and impact.


Committed to educational excellence, access, and opportunity, Conn has dramatically expanded its investment—by 85%—in financial aid over the last 10 years. Today, 60% of our students receive need-based aid, with the average financial aid award exceeding $45,000. As a result, our students graduate with an average debt burden of approximately $23,000—far lower than most private institutions, freeing our graduates to pursue every career and post-graduate option.

But 82% of our financial aid budget comes from the operating budget. This reality limits our ability to invest in all other aspects of the education that has distinguished Conn among undergraduate colleges.

Through Defy Boundaries, we can provide a lasting resource for financial aid and live up to our mission in perpetuity, carrying forward the principles upon which Conn was founded.

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  • $1.8 Million Endowed Scholarship
    • (Support a student of full financial need, approx. $80,000 annually)
  • $1 Million Endowed Scholarship
    • (Support a student of average financial need, approx. $45,000 annually)
  • $500,000 Endowed Scholarship
    • (Support student with financial need, approx. $22,000 annually)
  • $250,000 Endowed Scholarship
    • (Minimum to endow scholarship with support of approx. $11,000 annually)
  • $100,000 Named Annual Scholarship
    • ($25,000/year for four years)
  • Connecticut College Fund: Financial Aid
    • (Any amount)

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